The field is set for the race to become the first Mayor and town council in Diamond Valley.

Two people are running for the mayor's job, current Turner Valley Mayor Barry Crane and Randy Williamson.

Eleven people have let their names stand for the six available seats at the council table including current Black Diamond Mayor Brendan Kelly and two other Black Diamond councillors, Veronica Kloiber and Heather Thomson.

Four current members of Turner Valley's council are also running for seats on Diamond Valley council including Cindy Holladay, Curtis Dixon, Jonathon Gordon and Hazel Martin.

Advance voting goes November 21st with the election set for November 28th.

The Town of Diamond Valley will be established January 1st. 2023.

Candidates have until noon Tuesday to pull out if they decide to.

Here's the full list of candidates:


  • Barry Crane
  • Randy Williamson


  • Mykayla Bergie
  • Curtis Dixon
  • Shay Ford
  • Jonathan Gordon
  • Dale Harrison
  • Cindy Holladay
  • Brendan Kelly
  • Veronica Kloiber 
  • Hazel Martin, 
  • Heather Thomson, 
  • Barry F. Williamson