A revised policy on sponsorships at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Centre is expected to come to town council sometime down the road.

During its Committee of the Whole meeting, council discussed updating the policy, something that hasn't been done since 2014.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says they're trying to make it fair for all the user groups.

"The user group will receive 50 per cent of the funds received and the Town of High River will receive the other 50 per cent of those funds," he says. "On the Town's end that 50 per cent goes into care, maintenance and upgrades for the facility and the needs of those user groups."

He says the policy is one-sided and not fair to some of the user groups.

The discussion started in the spring when the High River Flyers Junior B hockey team approached council.

They had a deal in place with the High River Brewery for $10,000 for advertising on the boards.

The club has a rink board agreement in place with the Town until 2025.

During the discussion at that time, there was talk about whether such ads should be allowed in a Town-owned facility and other questions of equity were raised.

Ads promoting alcohol still would not be allowed under the revised policy.

The policy isn't expected to be in place until about the middle of 2024.


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