The Town of High River is going fishing this week.

Starting this week, they're taking steps to remove goldfish from the Highwood Lakes storm pond. 

The pond is going to be drained so it can be treated next week.

Goldfish are a non-native species that threaten the health of the town's water bodies and surrounding ecosystems as they multiply rapidly and eat plants, insects, fish eggs and smaller fish species. 

The Highwood Lake stormwater pond connects to the Highwood River and other waterbodies that must be protected under the Alberta Fisheries Act and federal Aquatic Species regulations.

Draining of the storm pond will take several days with the actual treatment expected to take place from September 14 -16.

Removal of goldfish involves the application of Rotenone, an organic, plant-based compound that only kills the goldfish and at low concentrations is not harmful to people, pets or other wildlife. 

Sunlight causes the Rotenone to naturally degrade.

The application is carried out by certified workers who will be wearing PPE as a precaution then they'll remove the fish using safe handling procedures.

Construction fences will be erected around the lake and will be in place for two weeks following treatment and clean-up. The park and walking path will still be accessible. 

Fencing will be removed by October 1, 2022.

The Town is again asking residents not to release goldfish or any other domestic water, plants or animals into storm ponds or any natural water bodies.