If you were underwhelmed by the fireworks show on New Year's Eve in Okotoks, you're not the only one.

At the latest town council meeting, Mayor Tanya Thorn brought forward a complaint she'd heard from a local that the New Year's Eve fireworks show seemed too short.

The sentiment was shared in a local Facebook group in a post that received 50 comments before comments were disabled.

While some were happy to see any fireworks at all, others agreed that it seemed brief.

"Unbelievable! I didn't even see it," reads one comment. 

Others took to the town's Facebook post announcing the display to leave a comment:

"Not sure if something happened but those were incredibly short. Not worth dressing up the kids for."

The town's Chief Administrative Officer Elaine Vincent agreed that this year's fireworks were underwhelming.

"I had the opportunity to review the situation because I have the pleasure of having the most amazing view of the fireworks and was a little disappointed on New Year's Eve with the length of the fireworks," she said, responding to Mayor Thorn's enquiry.

Vincent clocked the display in at just four minutes and thirty seconds.

She says they had some trouble balancing the New Year's Eve fireworks with another annual fireworks display.

"This was a bit of an unusual year, and we had over-subscribed to Light Up, and the length of those fireworks were incredibly long, so I think this one on New Year's Eve felt incredibly short."

With that said, Vincent did tell council that town administration has now established two standards for fireworks displays.

"We have committed that, moving forward, our level of services is broken down into two levels of service. So, the same level of service is provided on Canada Day as will be provided on New Year's Day, and that's fireworks of seven and a half minutes. On Light Up, the fireworks are scheduled for 15 minutes."

The town's Facebook post was also amended to explain the shorter show this year: