The Town of Okotoks has released the results of the 2023 Business Survey.

Conducted by economic development consulting firm, Deloitte LLP in May of this year, the survey was held to gauge opinions of things like ease of business in Okotoks, concerns from local business owners, and to get an idea of the overall needs of Okotoks’ business owners.

At their latest meeting, town council was presented with the survey’s What We Heard Report.

The survey saw 386 responses, representing about 30 per cent of Okotoks businesses.

Of those who responded, 46 per cent described their business as “owner-operated headquarters,” with 43 per cent saying they had home-based businesses.

A majority (65 per cent) of home-based business owners who responded indicated they don’t plan to relocate their business out of their homes.

On overall satisfaction with doing business in town, 84 percent answered said they were satisfied. 42 per cent answered with “Somewhat Satisfied,” 42 per cent answered with “Very Satisfied,” while 12 percent said they were “Somewhat Dissatisfied,” leaving the remaining 4 per cent as “Very Dissatisfied.”

When asked which facets of doing business in Okotoks they were most satisfied with, 92 per cent said they were satisfied with professional services like banking, legal, and accountants. The next most popular answers were transportation of inbound and outbound goods (87 per cent), and access to customer base (86 per cent).

The most popular answer for what would improve doing business in town was lowering business fees, with 19 per cent of respondents selecting that option. 17 per cent said they’d like to see affordability of property improved, and 16 per cent said they’d like to see more consultation with businesses on town matters.

The full report can be seen here.


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