A rash of graffiti vandalism incidents has emerged in Okotoks.

Town crews are discovering and cleaning about 100 tags a week, according to a recent media release.

They're found on local bridges, garbage bins, benches, outdoor bathrooms, and other surfaces found along town pathways.

Cimarron Park has been hit the hardest, according to the town.

The town's parks staff are having to dedicate several hours to clear them away with the use of harsh chemicals.

Anyone who sees graffiti tags is asked to report them to municipal enforcement, and if you see someone in the process of spraying graffiti, the town is asking you to call 911.

Adult offenders can be fined $2500 per incident, and $1000 for youths, per incident

Offenders do not have to be caught actively engaging in vandalism to be convicted.

The town's website has more information on graffiti and how best to report it.