The Town of Okotoks is warning of a recent bobcat sighting.  

It was seen in the Drake Landing Point area this morning (October 4).

According to the town, Fish and Wildlife has been notified and are monitoring its activity.

The town is advising locals to make sure pets are kept on leashes when out for a walk, and that they're not left alone in backyards.

Bobcats are generally shy of humans unless they're cornered or threatened.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement also shared some bobcat tips recently:

  • Keep trees, shrubs and even grass trimmed so there is no shelter for bobcats to hide in. 
  • Close off any potential shelter, such as the spaces under decks, patios, and outbuildings. 
  • Remove the food, shelter or water that may attract them to your property. Do not feed them.
  • Keep your garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids. 
  • Put your garbage and recycling out only on the morning of collection, not earlier. 
  • Avoid leaving screen doors and windows open where bobcats could sneak into your home.
  • Do not leave pet food outdoors.
  • Remove bird feeders and bird baths so bobcats are not drawn into your yard to prey on the birds. 
  • Add motion detector lighting to walkways and driveways. 
  • Keep dogs, rabbits, chickens, or other animals that live outdoors in a secure enclosure with a strong roof. 

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