It's been almost six months since the Town of High River took over bylaw enforcement from Foothills County.

The head of Protective Services, Cody Zebedee says there's been some growing pains but it's been a positive move.

"We feel the program is definitely serving the community well and having that proactive approach fits with our 'People First' mantra with the Town and trying to address some of those concerns before they become complaints," he says.

In the first four months of this year 317 files were generated with 157 complaints which have come via the complaint line or generated by the Town of High River Report A Concern or by some other means of reporting to Protective Services.

They're currently at 457 files.

He says they hope to be able to educate the public before having to deal with complaints, but admits they won't be able to get to every issue before it becomes a complaint.

Of those, 160 were generated by officers either on proactive patrol looking for unsightly properties, snow and ice, parking or traffic issues.

"We now have our 24 hour call taking streamed through our dispatch centre so when people call our complaint line our dispatch centre will gather their information and if there's an officer on they'll pass the information to our officers and if there isn't an officer on then they hold that call and as soon as an officer does book on the air they're immediately sent that call and it's sent to our officer's computers," Zebedee explained.

The Town employs a Community Peace Officer and a Bylaw Compliance Officer.