On Friday March 25 the Alberta gov't announced some upcoming changes starting April 1st in Kananaskis Country.

Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks laid out the plans for a $4 million investment in the Grassi Lakes and Goat Creek day-use area near Canmore.

Construction will start on April 1st in the Grassi Lakes and Goat Creek day-use areas.

What this means for hikers is the following trails will be closed:

  • Grassi Lakes Trail
  • Ha Ling Trail
  • East end of Rundle Route
  • Junkyard Trail
  • Miner's Peak Trail
  • Goat Creek Trail
  • Reclaimer Mountain Bike Trail
  • Riders of Rohan Mountain Bike Trail
  • access to High Rockies Trail from Goat Creek

Some climbing areas will also be closed:

  • Grassi Lakes Climbing area
  • Ha Ling Climbing area
  • East End of Rundle Climbing area

Some of the areas they will be working on include expanding and formalizing the Grassi Lakes main parking lot and the overflow parking lot. Same for the Goat Creek parking lot and they will be replacing two bridges on Goat Creek Trail.

It was also announced a free regional transit partnership with the Town of Canmore will come into effect in 2024 to transport visitors to the nearby Nordic Centre and the upgraded Grassi Lakes day use area.

The money that's being invested in K-Country is coming from the $12 million in revenue raised through the Kananaskis Conservation Pass.