Alberta RCMP are providing tips to help us all stay safe during the scorching hot summer.

They're spotlighting common crimes taking place in detachment areas around the province this summer and are hoping to help Albertans keep themselves and their property safe.

Using the hashtag #HotSpotSummerAB followers on Alberta RCMP social media channels are able to see what crime types are commonly taking place in their area and get tips on how to deter would-be thieves.

This year, there's been an increase in auto thefts from High River, Blackfalds, Fort Vermilion and Vegreville detachment areas. 

Ensure that your vehicles are locked and that keys are not in the ignition, even if you’ll be away for 30 seconds. 

Other issues on the rise in the summer across Alberta are: thefts from vehicles and leaving things like tools and toys around your yard making them easy targets for thieves.

Through the Alberta RCMP App, you can explore the interactive crime map. 

It indexes reports of crime and highlights what types of crimes have taken place. 

Reporting crimes allows the RCMP where crime hotspots are and influences future patrols and policing initiatives.

Albertans are encouraged to report all crime through the Online Crime Reporting platform or to their local detachment.