Innovation is a key focus during Canada's Farm Show.

One of the show's 2022 Innovation Award winners is VeriGrain.

Co-founder and CEO Ken Jackson says VeriGrain is an on farm inventory tracking system. 

He says the app provides the user with the most accurate, real time on-farm stored grain quality and quantity information. 

"The way we do that is we start with an app that's downloadable to any type of phone.  It manages all the information relative to what's gone in the bin. The way we get that information is that we start with the sampling process, and we do some things to help ensure there's a representative sample. That sample information is then put into the phone app, we have barcoded sample containers, sample pails and bags, so that it's very easy to track the sample."

He notes the app is a win for both growers and buyers because the grower not only has a representative sample for analysis now that information can easily be shared because you have a fully digital record of that that you can share with buyers.

Jackson says growers like it because they can share that information which can help provide representative samples for analysis and share the results to help find the maximum prices.

He says buyers like it because it streamlines the interaction with growers giving them more confidence in what they are buying, and better traceability so they are more likely to pay an optimal price.

Feedback on the app has been great from both growers and buyers that participated in the pilot trials with producers in the U-S and Canada last fall.

VeriGrain is focusing mainly on the specialty pulse market for the app with buyers and processors dealing more directly with producers as sampling, record keeping and traceability is becoming a bigger issue.

Jackson says what their trying to do is to establish a badly needed new standard for grain sample acquisition and information management.

"It's a way to get a good sample easily, to be able to track how well your employees are sampling, and then manage that information so that ultimately you have accurate and real time information for your inventory. It means you know what you have in terms of quantity, in terms of quality and then be able to use that information to very easily sell or market your grain. "

VeriGrain is located in Saskatoon and is one of 26 new ideas being promoted  in the Innovation's area (Hall 11) at Canada's Farm Show.