It's spooky... it's tough and it's a BLAST!

Okotoks is now home to its very own escape room! (check out the video below)

For the uninitiated, an escape room is an immersive, 60-minute, real-life adventure game. Filled with brain-stumping puzzles, hidden clues and scary scenes. They can be prison cells, nuclear power plants, theatres, dig sites, pirate ships or in the case of this close-to-home spooky space... Witch themed!

This escape room is located in one of the rooms over at the Best Western Plus right here in town. Made by the owner and her son this sinister scenario brings you close to Hansel and Gretel and the wicked witch holding them hostage! 

We got to go test it out... just the small group of us and after an hour of listening to shrieks, screams and the occasional freaky music box we now have nothing but two words to say about it.


It's hard! Don't get us wrong... we aren't your average radio hosts. We frequent escape rooms all over but this one was one of a kind. A homebrewed escape room filled with stumpers and fun. 

Book today and grab your smart friends, kids and family members. 

Find more details on their website! CLICK HERE

p.s. did we solve it? did we not solve it? ...we'll never tell.