Way back in 2008, Tesla launched its Roadster. The first serial production lithium-ion battery car.

Unlike previous e-vehicles, it had mass appeal. It was fast, looked good, and luxurious. Putting the electric alternatives on the map. All over the foothills, you'll see them in all shapes and forms. Tesla, Toyota and now even Ford cracking into the market.

The question ‘Are electric cars better for the environment?’ seems like a clear-cut “yes.” They don’t rely on fossil fuels to operate meaning no more tailpipes full of carbon and no tank means bringing the expense of gas to near nothing. However the truth, much like the instructions for IKEA furniture, is a little more complicated than you’d expect. 

Lithium mining, the cost to buy and power grid support all comes to mind when chatting about the new and loved e-vehicle.

What does Okotoks think?