This week we are celebrating volunteers.

We want to highlight those that are volunteering in the Foothills, those who do it to feel good, to feel closer to their community or simply because it needs to get done.

It's also important to honour the ones that do it without recognition. Those that stay anonymous but still help. 

Executive Director of the Rowan House Society Linette Soldan talks about why her volunteers help out at the Society and shares some stories from volunteers that wish not to be named.

The Rowan House Society offers emergency shelter and domestic violence services across Southern Alberta.

One reads;

"I have always been passionate about volunteering for organizations that make a difference in the Community. 

Being part of Rowan house as a volunteer not only provided me with a sense of purpose and the ability to enhance my skills, but has also provided me with the opportunity to move to a position of employment so that I can make a difference in the community every day."


"As a volunteer at Rowan House Society, you will have access to several training opportunities related to domestic violence and your specific role. This gives you the opportunity to grow your skillset and knowledge base while giving back to the community. 

For example, Rowan House has great training online which provides an introduction to the topics of domestic violence and the impacts on children."

There are hundreds of anonymous volunteers across the Foothills. We can't thank you by name but we know you are there. 

Soldan sees in her volunteers a strong sense of wanting to connect with their communities. People just want to help whether its because of a personal attachment to the cause or just want to meet like-minded people. 

She touches on another reason.

"It also feels good to give back and to be part of a bigger solution to something that we know is key in the Community and so being able to contribute in that way just really helps. And you know also, having conversations with other community members about how we can become strategic or how we can further support in a different way."

Learn more about the Rowan House Society on their website.

All week we will be highlighting volunteers throughout the foothills. Additionally, there are several events honouring volunteers in our communities. If you know any volunteers in your social circle or workplace, take time this week to thank them.