There aren't any shovels in the ground, but work is continuing on a huge wind farm near Lomond.

Vulcan County Reeve Jason Schneider says the company has approvals from the Alberta Utilities Commission.

"On that end everything is all finished, now they're just working on getting their local development permits and things of that nature, just dotting the i's and crossing the t's with Vulcan County," he says. "Now that the Province has made their decision they do need to finish off the road accesses, fire plans, vegetation plans, things of that nature need to be done."

It's not known when construction will get underway on the massive project that includes 83 wind turbines, each about the size of the Calgary Tower.

Schneider says it'll definitely change the landscape which has brought on some mixed reactions in the area.

"Any project of this size and in particular with these towers that you're going to be able to see from quite a distance there's definitely concerns and even when the project gets going in the construction phase there's going to be some concerns about how that will look and take place so we continue to work through those details and hopefully between us and the provincial decisions we can mitigate some of those concerns," Schneider says.

Things like the noise and the shadows cast by the blades were dealt with at the provincial level.

Schneider isn't sure when the work will actually get underway, expecting the wind turbines will have to be manufactured abroad and sipped to a Canadian port to be reassembled locally.