The Town of Vulcan's new Tourism Administrator is slowly getting his feet wet just a couple of weeks into the job.

Grant Shaw, who's originally from Vulcan, has returned home and is settling into the job.

He has a background in retail and customer service, but is getting a crash course in all things "Star Trek."

"It's fun because it's kind of learning both sides of it. It's the tourism side and then really getting into the Star Trek side and what Vulcan has to offer. So yeah, it really is fun.

He says "Star Trek" is a great hook to get people to come to town, but he wants to show people Vulcan is more than just  the "Star Trek Capital of Canada."

"I think that's both my goal and what the Town's hoping is that we can really use that as more of a platform to get everything else going. People are coming here anyway because of Star Trek. And then we're going to show them why they should visit here more often, or even move here. It's a great community."

He says in two weeks on the job he's had his eyes opened about the passion of the many "Star Trek" fans he's already met.

He says his biggest surprise was getting an order for some Vulcan specific "Star Trek" merchandise from Denmark just a few days into the job.


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