The Foothills may be in for its warmest day of 2022 so far.

Things will be warming up on Thursday and Friday, with forecast temperatures of 18 and 20, respectively.

Environment & Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Sara Hoffman says it's thanks to a low-pressure system forming in the west.

"We have a building upper ridge of warm air that will move over Alberta. Warm air is being drawn northward by a developing low-pressure system in the elbow of Alberta near the B.C. border. It's sort of a short-lived warm spell. As that low-pressure system gets developed and trucks eastward, things will cool off for Saturday and some showers are expected Friday evening into Saturday."

We'll see a swing of around 13 degrees, with Saturday expected to drop to around 7 degrees, which is the norm for this time of year.

It'll be a different story further north around Fort McMurray, where accumulating snow is expected.

Should the temperature actually reach 20 on Friday, it'll be the warmest day of the year so far.

"The hottest it's been in 2022 so far was 18.6 degrees on March 23, and the second warmest was 17.4 on March 30. Those were certainly well above normal for that time of year, and we're looking at similar conditions forecasts for Thursday and Friday. Thursday might not be the warmest day just yet in Okotoks, but Friday, with a daytime high of 20 degrees forecast, that could be the hottest day of 2022 so far."

The forecast 20 degrees will be close to previous record highs for Okotoks, which are 23 degrees for April 7 (set in 2005), and 24.5 degrees for April 8 (set in 2016.)