Things are heating up in the Foothills.

A ridge of warm air will be moving through the county, swinging daytime high temperatures up to around 5 degrees.

The rise in temperature will be welcome in the Foothills, especially with the extreme cold that hit Southern Alberta just a few weeks prior, but Environment & Climate Change Canada meteorologist Natalie Hasell says this could make morning commutes a little dicey.

"This freeze/thaw cycle could lead to problems with road conditions, as anything that was snow melts and then refreezes. I suppose it's possible that we could have a fog situation in the overnight/early morning time periods. That would be another thing to pay attention to if you have to drive at those times of day."

It hasn't exactly been freezing this week, especially looking back to the last weeks of 2022.

Luckily, Hasell says when the temperature comes back down, it won't swing back into bitter cold.

"We do have a forecast that goes a little bit further out and it suggests a return to normal conditions by this time next week, but still not particularly cold... Sometimes the end of a warm spell will bring on very cold conditions, but I don't see that in most model depictions at this time."