Enjoy this weekend's warm weather while it lasts.

A weekend of unseasonably warm weather might make it feel like Spring is here, but another cold plunge is on the way.

Environment & Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Alysa Pederson shared the news.

"We're looking at a pretty strong upper ridge pushing over B.C. and Alberta and with that, that's where we're getting these really high temperatures from. We're looking at records in some places."

Things will take a sudden turn on Wednesday though, with a drop of around 20 degrees bringing the temperature back down to around -5°.

"With a ridge like this, the atmosphere tries to balance itself out. So, we're getting a big ridge for these really warm temperatures, but then mid-week next week we're getting a pretty strong low-pressure system that's going to move through and bring a pretty good amount of snow, it's looking like to the Foothills and parts of Southern Alberta," says Pederson.

The change will, ironically, arrive the day after the first day of Spring (March 19).

Pederson says it's a little far out to tell just how much snow we'll be seeing.

"The worst case scenario is in that 10 to 20 centimetre range for Wednesday into Thursday. Best case scenarios, though, are giving us a bit of an idea of around two to five centimetres."

Disheartening as it may be this kind of sudden change is expected in Alberta.

"March and April are the snowiest times of year for much of Southern Alberta, so to have the snow midweek next week isn't too surprising for March and April, and even into May."