If you remember The Hardy Boys (and Nancy Drew) growing up you might not know they revived the TV series last year on YTV.

Season two is about to kick off and our colleague at CochraneNow.com, Noel Edey, had a chance to catch up with him and here's his story.


Back in 2014, I received a message about an emerging Cochrane actor named Rohan Campbell and was offered an interview.

Rohan had a role in Klondike that was about to be released and was soon to appear in The Valley Below.

It was a relatively brief phone interview, but I was captivated by his high-spirited genuine nature.

I seldom talk about my work with my son, but I believed this was something he'd find interesting. As it turned out, he ran in the same pack as Rohan and was miles ahead of me.

I interviewed Rohan again about a year later about his role in the film Diablo, then kept track of his career.

Late last week, we had a chance to catch up for a Zoom interview on his successful series The Hardy Boys. Rohan was in L.A. for one of several splashes promoting Season Two.

Rohan brings to life the character Frank Hardy of the Hardy Boys mystery books that remain popular to this day. Frank, along with his brother Joe, played by Alexander Elliot, are amateur sleuths, solving cases with the assistance of a small group of friends. 

The series is ideally set in the 80s and offers quality family entertainment.

Episode one of Season Two premieres Monday, Apr. 4 on YTV in Canada. All 10 episodes will be released on Hulu in the States on Apr. 6.

It was a thrill to catch up with Rohan after all these years of cheering him on from afar.

In the attached Zoom interview, he chats about growing up in Cochrane, The Hardy Boys, and his role as Frank. He also offers a glimpse into the upcoming season.

*Just click on the above link to watch the video