Logan Grant has been a bright spot for the Okotoks Dawgs this season after being named to the Second All-American team in the NAIA and winning Male Athlete of the Year for Bellevue University in Nebraska.

Grant who hails from Chestermere is a multisport athlete as he has also played hockey as a goalie at a high level. During the 2017-2018 season with the Rockeyview Raiders U16 AAA team, Grant posted terrific numbers as their goalie shutting the door with a .923 save percentage and a 1.81 GAA. 

While he was a great goaltender, Grant explains how he decided to go with baseball over the sport played on ice.

"I had a best friend when I was 12 that told me to play baseball during spring instead of spring hockey. So, I decided to play, and it just stuck," Grant said.

Logan Grant sliding into second after hitting a double. Logan Grant sliding into second after hitting a double.

Grant said what kept him in baseball over hockey was the overall vibe adding that baseball is more relaxed than hockey and that he enjoys the teammates he's met throughout the sport.

He mentioned that growing up on an acreage helped get his strength up but added most of his bulk came in his junior year of college.

This is Grant's second year with the Okotoks Dawgs, but he also played with Sylvan Lake and Swift Current in the WCBL before making Okotoks the team of choice.

"When I was at Sylvan it was a first-year program so, still kind of working out some kinks, and obviously that 2021 season kind of a mess with Covid and everything with only the five teams," he said.

Logan Grant making a grab in the outfield for an out. Logan Grant making a grab in the outfield for an out. 

"Swift Current just a smaller town vibe, the East Division is quite different than the West as a whole. It's a little bit of a different vibe with the small-town vibe. Swift Current would pack in 400 people a game and it was pretty loud there for what they have got. I really liked it, it was a lot of fun, it's been cool to play around the league."

Grant mentioned that coming to Okotoks has been great with winning a championship last year and previously playing for the Okotoks Dawgs Academy during high school.

"It's really cool just being a local boy because everybody gets used to hearing your name being here in high school. I played hockey here in Okotoks and just being around the area is pretty cool knowing a lot of people around here," Grant added.

Playing goal has translated well for Grant in playing catcher in baseball and explains how both positions are similar in the two different sports.

"Don't let the ball or puck get by you, that would be the big one, I think. Just having the whole field or ice in front of you, you are the eyes for a lot of the guys, hockey and baseball-wise. It's a little bit of a leadership role." he said.

Logan Grant making contact with the ball against the Edmonton Prospects.Logan Grant making contact with the ball against the Edmonton Prospects.

Grant has been a utility player for the Dawgs being used in different positions, but his main position is as a catcher.

"When I was younger, I played a lot of infield and catching just kind of mixing it around, doing whatever. I didn't play outfield until college; I think just finding a spot and getting my bat in the lineup was a thing to do. So, they just threw me in the outfield and realized that I was able to do it pretty well, so just I kind of stuck with it. I catch all year at school, and then come back here and it's nice to play in the outfield, it's easier on the body," Grant explained.

The main reason why Grant enjoys being a catcher is that it takes a ton of focus. When you have a bad at bat you can easily forget about it with all the work and being involved in every play being a catcher. Whereas you can have a quiet night playing in the outfield and get too focused on a past at-bat, where catcher you have to forget things quickly and not dwell on them.

He has been a machine at-bat for the Dawgs, getting two triples in a game last week against the Medicine Hat Mavericks. He also added two home runs, 12 RBIs, and three doubles in just 15 games with the Dawgs in the 2024 WCBL season.

Logan Grant being called safe at second base.Logan Grant being called safe at second base.

"Just not thinking too much (when at bat). A lot of guys overanalyze hitting, obviously, it's hard but you can make it a lot harder on yourself by thinking about your swing. I just kind of get up there and just go hit something hard," Grant mentioned.

"Like the Swift Current game the other day, that double that I hit, I came over and I was talking to Andy Peterson (infield coach) at third there. He was saying you got to see this and see that, and I was like "Petey, I don't need to hear it, I'm just going to go hit something hard'. That's what I told him, and he laughed and said, 'Right go do that then'. When I hit that double, he was laughing over at third base, it was pretty funny."

Logan Grant swinging at an incoming pitch.Logan Grant swinging at an incoming pitch.

Grant said this year was a blast playing in college and mentioned that it was his best year of baseball. Grant was rewarded for his efforts in being named top Male Athlete of the Year and being named to the Second All-American team in the NAIA.

"It was pretty cool; at the banquet we have all the previous Athletes of the Year come in and I got to shake all their hands. It's pretty cool to be a part of that group now," he said.

When asked what his younger self would think about how much he has thrived now in baseball, Grant responded with, "probably pretty ecstatic, I think he would be surprised. I mean I was a hockey player until the end. My grade 11 year is kind of when I decided to stick with baseball, never really saw myself playing baseball in the long run, so."

Logan Grant stepping on home plate for a Dawgs run.Logan Grant stepping on home plate for a Dawgs run.

Brendan Luther is a teammate of Grant's both on the Dawgs and back at Bellevue University. Both have a strong bond and can lean on each other with both teams.

"He's an older guy, he is a couple years older than I am. He is kind of like a big brother, we always joke around saying that me and him are copy and paste. Everyone says we kind of look alike, dress the same, and do whatever. It's awesome to have a guy like him, we balance each other out pretty well. We both can get hot-headed during a game, both of us know how to calm each other down now that we have played together for two years at school and two summers here now," he said.

Grant talked about how nice it is to return to the Dawgs with familiar faces. 

"I think it helps the team a lot, some of these guys are playing their third summer together. I am a year late on the group but, a lot of us played together in high school, and now two, three summers together. It's pretty big having a core group of guys back. You know you get home after school and you see 15 to 20 guys that you know in the locker room, it's pretty awesome," Grant said.

"We are having lots of fun in there, jabbing at each other and joking around. It's a lot of fun."

Logan Grant giving a fist bump to coach Joe Sergent at first base.Logan Grant giving a fist bump to coach Joe Sergent at first base.

He also added new guys like Jarrett Burney and Barry Eiseman have been welcome additions to the squad. They have fit right in jabbing and joking around with all the players, helping make the Dawgs a tight-knit group.

Grant loves the atmosphere that the Dawgs fans bring to the games and says they bring added energy which is felt on the field.

"It's awesome, I love seeing the fans out there. They bring us so much energy, we play so much better I would say at home than on the road. You come out here and you have 4,000 people cheering for you, it's pretty easy to play well and want to perform for them. I love it, I think it's awesome," he said.


10 questions for Logan Grant

What is your go-to cheat meal?

"McDoubles from McDonalds. I love McDoubles."

How many ballpark hot dogs can you eat in one sitting?

"I would say about seven maybe... Six or seven. The bun is what is going to kill you. I think that's what is going to get to you."

What is your guilty pleasure song?

"Kiss Me Through the Phone by Soulja Boy."

Favourite TV show or movie?

"TV show is probably Modern Family. Movie would probably be Deadpool."

Favorutie ball player and team growing up?

"Toronto Blue Jays, favourite player I would have to say Yadier Molina."

Favourite sport other than baseball?


If I could grant you any wish, what would you wish for?

"Probably own Seaman Stadium. Own the Dawgs. I think that would be pretty cool. John (Ircandia) has got a good setup.

If you could meet one person in this world who would choose?

"Probably Chipper Jones, talk hitting with him. He's a switch hitter, I think it would be interesting to hear what he's got to say about it."

How long could you survive in the wild with just a single lighter and the clothes on your back?

"Oh, at least two months. I'm pretty confident in that."

What household chores do you hate doing the most?

"Dishes, dishes suck. Especially trying to live on your own and you got to do them all the time, man they suck. The dishwasher doesn't work in our apartment and you have to do them all by hand, I hate that."

Bonus question. Would you rather live in a city full of people or in the mountains with no one in sight?

"Mountains. It's not even a question, mountains in the middle of nowhere.