Stunning hand-painted chairs have popped up all over the foothills this summer showing off a wide range of colours and styles.

These beautiful chairs were made for and painted to support Inclusion Foothills a group that supports families and their community living with or connected to someone with a barrier or disability.

Now into its second year, the Charitable Chairs fundraiser is a way for the non-profit to raise money and highlight its supporters says Executive director Orvella Small.

"So what we do is supply the business with a chair and this year it's a Muskoka chair. They paint it and then they do their best to sell 80 tickets for us and the tickets are five dollars apiece."

They have had interest from individuals, businesses as well as local art galleries including the Linham House and Birdsong Studio.

Due to the success in its inaugural year, this time around, they've added a digital aspect.

A chair in Okotoks The chairs all have information on how to buy raffel tickets located near or on them.

"Last year was a starter and we had seven wonderful chairs. This year 20 from across the foothills, that's one of the reasons we wanted to explore that online piece, because you may not get to the community that you want to purchase your chair from."

Supporting the chairs supports the work of Inclusion Foothills. Who serve over 3500 people in the Foothills.

"It's pretty exciting for us. Also, it kind of fits our model of working with businesses, working in community and sharing the talents of others."

The fundraiser ends on August 4th at the Market on 4th in High River where they will make the draws for the chairs.

Find out more about Inclusion Foothills on their website.