The increasing cost of living continues to stay on the minds of Canadians amid inflation and rising food costs.

In the recently announced 2023 federal budget, the Government of Canada has singled out a few measures to ease that cost to Canadians, including a one-time "Grocery Rebate."

The federal government describes it as "targeted inflation relief" intended for Canadians affected by rising food prices.

It would provide $2.5 billion to 11 million low and modest-income Canadians.

No specific income brackets have been provided, but the federal government has given some examples of the kind of rebates that can be expected.

Eligible couples with two children could see up to $467, single Canadians without children could receive $234, and seniors would get an extra $225 on average.

The grocery rebate would be distributed via the GST/HST rebate system.

No date has been announced yet.