It doesn’t look like Alberta weather has any nasty tricks in store for this May long weekend, at least for the Foothills.

Aside from a small chance of rain tonight (May 20), the county will be treated to weather trending on the warmer side.

Environment & Climate Change Canada meteorologist Danielle Fingland says it won’t be a scorcher, but it definitely won’t be cold.

“Saturday looks a little bit cooler, looking at a high of 10 degrees and a low of -2, but Sunday and Monday are trending towards more normal values for this time of year. Sunday looks like a high of 15, low of 1. Monday, a high of 18, low of 6. Just for reference, the normal for this year is a high of 16 and a low of 3 degrees.”

Wind won’t interfere with those warmer temperatures, with gusts no faster than 15 km/h expected

Though it doesn’t look like temperatures will rise above 20 degrees this weekend, the coming week will see a rise to that level.

“The highs are in the high teens for Monday and Tuesday, but for Wednesday and onward, we’re looking at highs in the low to mid-20-degree range.”

To keep up to date with the current forecast, head to our weather page.