The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) says it was stunned to see the federal government deliver another $1.75 Billion dollars to the supply management sector.

“This is simply electioneering on behalf of our federal government. Dairy farmers in Quebec are receiving funding whereas grain farmers across the prairies are only offered ways to increase their farm debt through the Advanced Payment Programs,” said WCWGA President Gunter Jochum.

The group says that over the past 36 months, grain farmers have witnessed non-tariff barriers blocking durum exports to Italy, Saudi Arabia, Peru and Vietnam. It also notes that pulse exports to India are similarly being blocked, while most recently China, the biggest customer for canola, has created barriers to Canadian exports.

The Wheat Growers say they have raised these issues with Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Bibeau through a letter on June 17 and received a non-committal answer on July 29. The group has estimated the grain market losses for the past 3 years to reach almost $4 billion.

“It is shameful that this federal government is willing to support selected agriculture sectors at the expense of prairie grain farmers. All we want is free-market access to our trading partners. It seems that some farmers are more equal than others,” commented Alberta Director Stephen Vandervalk.

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