There were nearly 1,100 wildfires in Alberta during the 2023 wildfire season and they burned over 2.2 million hectares.

According to the province, it was the busiest on record, with the largest area ever burned, more than ten times the five-year average.

The 2023 wildfire season has come to an end as of Oct. 31.

Unusually hot, dry and windy spring weather led to an early and active wildfire season, with as many as 11 fires breaking out simultaneously due to lightning in early spring.

Forty-eight communities were affected, and more than 38,000 Albertans were evacuated.

The threat of wildfires continues in many parts of the province, and while Alberta Wildfire is prepared to respond to any new fires, it points out Albertans also have a responsibility to prevent wildfires.

Albertans are urged to remain cautious as wildfires can start at any time of year under the right conditions.

Swift, responsive action by Alberta Wildfire staff slowed the spread of many large wildfires and additional resources were brought in from other parts of the country and other countries to aid the firefighting efforts.

Planning has already begun for next year’s wildfire season, including enhancing current and identifying new technologies or techniques that can be used effectively in Alberta.

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