Is it safe to go ice fishing?

With a chinook blowing through the Foothills, temperatures are expected to be close to +10 Friday and Saturday.

High River Fire Chief Cody Zebedee says you need to be extra careful on the storm ponds.

"A lot of our storm ponds do fluctuate in levels and with the warm temperatures it can be very difficult to determine whether the ice if actually safe or not for us to actually be on."

Zebedee also says there are some potentially dangerous spots in town to be aware of.

"That little creek that is behind the rec plex is one of those areas that we do tend to see some natural springs in. It may look like the ice is okay however there could be spots where it may be alright for somebody to stand on however when we get near where those springs are located the ice may be very thin and you know, somebody goes through there... that's how you're going to find out unfortunately.

creek behind rec plexCreek behind the Bob Snodgrass Rec Plex

Zebedee reminds that it's better to be safe than sorry as there was a fatality on Emerson Lake in town back in November of 2021.