Looking for a Back Hoe

Acadia 258-0377

Double Bed and Frame


Skill Saw

Clothes Line

Calgary 271-7328

2005 Travel Trailer



Split Rail Fence

Shared Accommodations in Turner Valley or Okotoks

Flat Deck

Looking for a Small Motor Guy


4 RV Stools

s House Pillars


Elm Tree

Ash Tree

Pedestal Sink


Men's & Ladies' Bike

N.E. 276-4678

Antique Commode

Thunder Jug

Brass Spittoon


Queen Mattress

Calgary 229-3900

Table Saw

Lawn Mower - Needs Throttle Cable

Give Away: Raspberry Canes

Oak Chair

N.W. 965-6355

Kids Quad (Older 80 cc)

2 Wheel Drive

Electric Start (Not Mint)

High River 601-3383

8 Man Hot Tub for Give Away

Country Hills 796-4676

Older Franklin Stock Water

Compressor 150 psi

Winter Tires

De Winton 478-1613

69 Retro Trailer - Redone

2000 GMC Half Ton 


Looking for '79 or Older Motorcycle Parts or Projects


Wake Board - New

2 X 245 60 16" Tires


14 Foot Older Boat 

Harbour Craft with Trailer

Turner Valley 933-7798

John Deere Early 1900's Cultivator

For a Horse Team

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie, his wife Tracy and two daughters have called High River home for 18 years. Working in both Radio Programming and Sales over the years has been a great way to look for a real job. The real job never happened, Charlie is back on the radio and proud to be a part of the great team of AM 1140. Charlie loves to golf, fish, camp and dream of owning his bucket list car a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500. You can buy, sell, & trade with him every Monday - Saturday from 9:05 - 9:35 am at 403-652-3333.