For Sale:

92 GMC 3500, 6.5 Turbo Diesel

Converted, Dually, Extended Cab

High River 587-582-2078

Looking For:

A Trailer for a 12 Foot Boat


For Sale:

99 Dodge GMC Mini Van

98 Ford Taurus


For Sale:


Rotor Tiller - 50" Cut

5 Foot Finish Mower

Two Bottom Plough

DeWinton 938-7350

For Sale:

20 Bundles of Shingles

High River 601-6877

For Sale:

Heavy Duty Set of Ramps

Wheel Blocks

A Creeper


For Sale:

New Windows

#6 Richards Crescent, Olds


Looking For:

Gopher Hunter


For Sale:

95 Camry with 4 Doors

Automatic, Air Conditioner, Cruise Control

No Rust, New Tires

Call 587-228-1550

For Sale:

6 Foot Patio Table with Umbrella

Looking For:

Sway Bare


Looking For:

Tires 185 / 65 R15 or 195 / 60 R 15

Garage 16 X 18 Feet

A Camper Van or Small Trailer


Looking For:

Feeder Pigs

Millarville 931-3854 (Gary)

For Sale:

Utility Trailer


Looking For:

New Saddles

G.W. Saddlery & Calgary Saddlery

Before 1940

Holly 256-3390

Looking For:

79 or Older Motorcycles & Parts


For Sale:

New Holland Bales Stacker

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie, his wife Tracy and two daughters have called High River home for 18 years. Working in both Radio Programming and Sales over the years has been a great way to look for a real job. The real job never happened, Charlie is back on the radio and proud to be a part of the great team of AM 1140. Charlie loves to golf, fish, camp and dream of owning his bucket list car a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500. You can buy, sell, & trade with him every Monday - Saturday from 9:05 - 9:35 am at 403-652-3333.