Crab Apples

De Winton 938-7959

Older Motorcycles

'79 or Older & Parts

Calgary 936-5572

White Screen Door

32" X 78 - 80 & Hardware

Calgary 369-7327

Looking for a Chore Sled


Looking for an Electrician

Calgary 229-1983 John

Blue Rocker / Recliner

Nanton 646-2832

Laying Hens

Saddle Horses

Miniature Horses

Looking for Wall Behind Sickle Mower

Carstairs 888-8946

Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Calgary 252-6187

Fifth Wheel Nash Trailer

Caroline 598-7137

Champion Juicer

Calgary 587-228-8707

Five Area Rugs

Limited Edition Prints

Portable Air Conditioner

N.E. 273-1790

89 Buick

4 Door

79,000 Original km's

Calgary 273-9256

Tires for 08 Chevy Cobalt

Set of Snow Shoes


4 Winter Tires

255 R55 18"

Blizzak, No Rims

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie, his wife Tracy and two daughters have called High River home for 18 years. Working in both Radio Programming and Sales over the years has been a great way to look for a real job. The real job never happened, Charlie is back on the radio and proud to be a part of the great team of AM 1140. Charlie loves to golf, fish, camp and dream of owning his bucket list car a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500. You can buy, sell, & trade with him every Monday - Saturday from 9:05 - 9:35 am at 403-652-3333.