For Sale:

2015 Electric Scooter

2000 lbs Wench Boat


For Sale:

Leaf Blower

Herbicide 1 and 0.25 Gallon

Adjustable Bed Frame

One Tire

Mossleigh 803-6484

For Sale:

64 Bales of Hay

Calgary 395-2232

For Sale:

Four Winter Tires 16"

Chestermere 809-3654

For Sale:

6' X 4' Box Trailer

Three Sets of Tires

Wheels 6 Bolt

Calgary 803-9763

For Sale:

Four Chevy Mag Rims

Looking For:

215 75 R15

Gleichen 324-5709 Art

For Sale:

Clavole Yamaha 4 Wheel Drive


For Sale:

Left Handed Guitar

Oktotoks 701-8197

For Sale:

Cast Iron Stove




N.E. 276-4678

Looking For:

Horse Shoe


Looking For:

Someone to Fix Dishwasher

For Sale:

30 Beaver Tails

High River 335-4910

Looking For:

Filter Queen Vacuum


Calgary 569-7331

For Sale:

2000 Dodge Dakota

South Calgary 587-228-1550

For Sale:

Four House Show

Smoker- Sausage Included

Hay 1600 lbs


For Sale:

Built-In Dishwasher

Garden Tractor


Calgary 250-3027

Looking For:

American and Canadian Pennies

South Calgary 461-3134

For Sale:

Cabinet 28" -X 30" Wide


For Sale:

Lawn Mower

ATV Disks Garden Tractor

Two Wrenches

ATV Wood Wagon

John Deere Tractor

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie, his wife Tracy and two daughters have called High River home for 18 years. Working in both Radio Programming and Sales over the years has been a great way to look for a real job. The real job never happened, Charlie is back on the radio and proud to be a part of the great team of AM 1140. Charlie loves to golf, fish, camp and dream of owning his bucket list car a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500. You can buy, sell, & trade with him every Monday - Saturday from 9:05 - 9:35 am at 403-652-3333.