Looking For:
A Wrench
Calgary 275-1703

Looking For:
Older Half Ton to Pass Safety

For Sale:
2012 Dodge Charger V6 Automatic
RV Mattress (Denver) 53" Wide X 80" Long

Looking For:
Small School Bus
Drumheller 823-3902

For Sale:
Elvis Collection
Bassano 641-4055

For Sale:
Mess of Cinder Blocks
Charles & Diana Collectibles
William Collectibles

For Sale:
Horse & Saddle - 15 Year Old
Vauxhall 622-0042

 For Sale:
Hot Tub Give Away - Needs to Be Removed
Acadia 254-4355

Yard Sale:
Fund Raiser
10 am - 6 pm - Seven Days a Week
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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie, his wife Tracy and two daughters have called High River home for 18 years. Working in both Radio Programming and Sales over the years has been a great way to look for a real job. The real job never happened, Charlie is back on the radio and proud to be a part of the great team of AM 1140. Charlie loves to golf, fish, camp and dream of owning his bucket list car a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500. You can buy, sell, & trade with him every Monday - Saturday from 9:05 - 9:35 am at 403-652-3333.