Add Foothills MP John Barlow to the list of people not happy with the feds using $4.5 Billion worth of tax money to buy the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Barlow says the sale still won't remove any of the obstacles that were facing Kinder Morgan.

"It does not remove all of the judicial tools and wrangling the B.C. NDP have been doing to delay this pipeline. So it's really $4.5 Billion of taxpayers money that really doesn't change a thing."

He says it's just another misstep made by the Liberals and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when it comes to dealing with the energy industry.

"Just the latest in a long legacy. You take a look at the other energy projects that the Liberals have been able to bungle, Northern Gateway, Energy East, Pacific Northwest LNG and now Trans Mountain. So they're now 0-for-4."

The Liberals plans will have them build the pipeline and then sell it back to a private company.

Barlow says who's going to buy it?

"Every company is leaving! That's why Trans Mountain couldn't be done, is because you've put up a sign that says "Getting energy projects done in Canada is next to impossible." In fact it is impossible. It's so impossible that the federal government and now the provincial government have had to buy the project, nationalize it, and make a Crown Corporation out of it."

Barlow calls the deal "the National Energy Program II," referring to former Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau's much maligned National Energy Program from the 1970's.


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