Canada's oldest man finally has a namesake, thanks to an Okotoks family.

Okotokian Jenna Lambiris' 108-year-old great-grandfather Esmond Allcock has 70 descendants: seven grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren to be exact.

But to Allcock's disappointment, none of them carried his namesake as a forename until 2017 when Lambiris gave birth to her son, named Esmond Matthew.

Shortly after her son's birth she took baby Esmond to meet his great-great grandfather in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan.

Lambiris shares it was an instant connection.

"We were there for over an hour and he spent the majority of the time holding Esmond," she explained. "He was kissing his head, and said you don't know how much this means to me. He was just completely enamoured it was like there was no one else there but the two of them."

"They looked each other in the eyes, my son grabbed his shirt collar and touched his cheek. He was nuzzling his head, kissing him, and whispering to him and it was so sweet, they were bonding so much it was so special."

After the visit, Lambiris wrote a blog for the website Love What Matters, which has since been picked up by CBS Inside Edition, CNN, Global, and MSN.

She says it's been interesting getting so much attention internationally, but most of all she's happy she could finally give her great-grandfather the namesake he had always desired.

"He was born in 1910 so in that day and age a way you honoured someone was giving them your name, so I think in his head he kind of wanted it to happen but didn't want to put the burden on someone."

Baby Esmond is now 13-months-old, and while three out of the other 70 descendants carry Esmond as their middle name, only time will tell if the one-year-old's descendants will carry Esmond as a given name for centuries to come.

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