This is a time of year many may be feeling the impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

SAD can be attributed to less daylight, less time spent outdoors, bills from Christmas spending coming in, and returning to work after time off for the holidays.

Thalia Anderen, Consultant and Clinical Supervisor at Foothills Community Counselling Centre, says there are a number of ways to try to combat the disorder.

"If people are working and they have the ability to get themselves outside, even for a short walk, during the daylight hours, or get themselves closer to the windows that certainly is a huge help. There are those UV lights people can purchase to put at their desks that are supposed to mimic daylight, and just make sure that we're taking care of ourselves whether it's self care activities and spending time with family and friends, staying active, and using proper nutrition."

Anderen says friends and family can play a role in supporting those who are struggling.

"It's important to acknowledge that this is something that impacts a lot of people, and just be supportive and encouraging if a person is struggling with some of these symptoms, and if symptoms are starting to get a bit more significant also encourage them to maybe seek counselling or additional mental health services."

Foothills Community Counselling has fees based on a sliding scale so no one in need is turned away.

FCC can be reached at (403) 603-3549.

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