Safety on ice is a real concern during the Spring thaw.

Even though we're only just starting to see some signs of it, Spring is here, and the constant freeze and thaw conditions on area lakes, river's and streams can be a real concern.

High River Fire Department, Fire Prevention Officer, Clayton Rutberg, says due to the changing temperatures, ice can be dangerous and unpredictable at best.  

"It's a good idea to stay away from those icy areas, especially the river, where the water is moving all the time and the ice is very unpredictable."

As temperatures warm, it becomes more difficult to assess the thickness of ice, so keeping a watchful eye and staying a safe distance away are recommended to avoid any accidental falls through thin ice.

"It's always good to keep an eye out because the ice can be quite thin in some areas at this time of the year with the warmer weather we have," said Rutberg.

Safety tips include: avoiding ice covered bodies of water, river banks and lake shores, as well as maintaining a safe distance.

If you experience or witness a fall into ice, call 9-1-1 and try to remain calm.

It's not advised to try and rescue as you may endanger yourself while doing so.

One big giveaway of bad ice is its colour.

If it's white it's still thick and sturdy, but if it's grey, that means it's rotten and you need to stay off.


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