With water utility costs set to change later this year, there has been some mixed reactions between residents, and business owners.

Planned changes include harmonizing rates between residental and business costs, and also introducing a scaling model that charges property owners more, based on the amount consumed.

While this may cut costs for some, business owners who rely heavily on water could potentially see larger bills heading into next year.

However, Hubert Aumeier, owner of the Evelyn's Memory Lane Diner in downtown High River is taking a more proactive approach to the subject, saying efficiency is the key to dealing with changing costs.

"There's definitely a concern, because everything adds to your costs at the end of the day, and eventually the business or the consumer has to absorb it. My take, is that water will be increasingly scarce and pricey in the future, and the only real way of handling that issue is to efficiently use it."

Aumeier cited a few plans he has found success with at his diner.

"Energy and water can be conserved with some appliance changes, our dishwashers here are running all day long, so we needed to look into some quality appliances that use the water more efficiently. It's an initial, pricey investment, but after the upfront costs, we have seen our utility costs decrease in the long run."

Aumeier says, with efficient appliances in place, owners can save money by educating and training staff to be water conscious.

"We are involved in water managment, I have advised staff to be more water conscious, and we do everything we can to make efficient use of less. We also look at it from a customer service point of view, how can our team be both more efficient, and more of service to the community?"


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