When the Chamber of Commerce decided to share business success stories from High River as part of their lunch speakers series, Freshly Pressed was an inspired choice.

The young company chose to call High River home for their Advertising and Marketing business and they are helping people through out the world with their services.

Design Boss Ashleigh Barón says one of the top ten reasons they chose High River is community.

"I was at a meeting at Colossi's and then I had to hop over really quickly to Evelyn's to my other meeting, I ran over with my lap top and all my things went to pay for the bill and I had no purse."

"I ran next door and there was this little old lady angel sitting beside my purse. She said 'I've been waiting for you, I knew you would come back and I've been waiting and guarding your purse.'"

Which she adds is a perfect example of why she loves High River.

"I thought this, this right here is why I love working in High River, If this was Calgary who knows where my purse would be right now, but it sat there for two hours while she watched it for me."

She also had a story to help convinced her husband to move to town.

"When you go for a walk in High River everyone that you pass greets you. They say hello, they say hello to your children and to your dog. I love that about High River and how interconnected everybody is and how willing they are to socialize with you.

Where as in some other communities I lived  in I found people really put their blinders on, you go for a walk they are not interested in connecting, they are not interested in making friends or getting to know you. But I feel like where ever I go in this community people are so friendly, so open."

Purveyor of Words and Strategy Jennifer Mortimer says High River is an amazing place to work.

"People have a misconception that High River is sleepy or smaller than it is. Most people would be surprised to know just how many services and amenities and support there is for local businesses her to be successful."

She says the drive to High River is amazing.

"I don't commute every day, but I commute very often and the drive out here is magnificent. It doesn't take that much longer than driving to downtown Calgary and I would take the peaceful stunning drive out her over that congested angry driver commute downtown where you have to pay a fortune for parking."


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