Health Canada has released its report on 2017's Canadian sodium intake on July 23, and our averages are not looking healthy.

The reports demonstrate that Canadians on average, are consuming 2760 milligrams (mg) of sodium a day, almost twice the daily recommended amount.

Health Canada recommends that people should aim their diets towards a daily intake of 1500mg, and to never exceed 2300mg.

Chief Public Officer Dr. Theresa Lam says reducing the amount of sodium in our diets, is pivotal to maintaining good health.

"Sodium intake over the suggested limits can potentially lead to high blood pressure, which leads to potential heart disease, kidney disease and strokes."

Males in the age range of 14-30 seem to be doing the worst, the report suggests almost every male in this range is consuming at least 2300 milligrams a day.

Perhaps even more troubling is the the rates in which children are consuming salt, the report shows 72% of Canadian children have sodium intake over the recommended limit for their age range.

Health Canada has sent out a regulatory proposal to increase public awareness by increasing health education, and placing labels on the packages of food high in sodium, sugars and saturated fats.

For more information consult the 2017 Canadian Sodium report.


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