Cayley School hosted a healthy school symposium focusing on physical, social-emotional and mental health on Wednesday, February 8.

They invited Longview and Blackie schools to take part.

Keynote speaker Alison Springer started the day with a strong message for the students.

"I think it is important first of all for students to recognized their worth because then they treat people out of that place," said Springer. "So what I am doing is helping build their confidence and helping them to see through creative ways how valuable they are."

Springer says we need to educate people on how to speak and treat us.

"I taught the kids today about when somebody says something negative you say I don't receive that and what literally happens is your body hears your words and it will protect your heart and your whole body from those words. And instead of those words shaping you they are rejected."

She adds the same applies for when someone pays you a compliment.

When someone says something, it is important that the words are not left hanging there.

"They need to receive those compliments by saying thank you I receive that and their body then absorbs those words and you see how the intake is shaping them."

Parents were also invited to take part in the symposium.


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