The Our High River Community Summit 2018 gets underway January 12th and 13th dealing with the theme "The Tools of Engagement."

The two day summit is open to everyone but the Friday information is slanted towards social profit agencies and businesses while Saturday is more towards community members and volunteers.

Jody Seeley with Our High River says they will be teaching agencies a few things including how to use the Our High River app to post their volunteering opportunities on Friday.

"We are going to be doing a collective impact presentation over the lunch hour," said Seeley. "To explain what collective impact looks like, how it works in the community, how it can work between social profit agencies and business and how we can have better collaboration throughout the town."

In the afternoon they will be doing a C-Harmony exercise to connect people together to share information to benefit the community.

Saturday is for everyone who is active and involved in the community, or wants to be more involved, and they will also learn about how to use the Our High River app to volunteer with different groups.

"We will be going through a cool day of showing you how to make a profile on the app. Going through some cool opportunities to get involved and we will have an opportunity to see what some of the great collaborations were in 2017."

And there will also be time to come up with ideas for community events in 2018.

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