High River drivers are enduring another year of construction on streets around town.

It seems a never ending battle with roadwork to fix old infrastructure damaged by the flood or just old age.

However Mayor Craig Snodgrass says when the Town moves to put in their new downtown fibre optic network, it won't cause much trouble at all.

"When we re-did all the streets downtown, you know there was conduit put in knowing that future fibre optics or something that was going to be going in. So, there was all new conduit put in the majority of the streets. But, some of this fibre has to run down the back alley's and those are the areas, that yeah, some of the back alleys will have be torn up or something quickly."

Snodgrass says as always it's a little short term pain, for some long term gain.

"Through that Wallaceville area with the new Lineham Bridge and the floodgates going in, Yeah, that's going to be a pain. Absolutely! But, look at what the benefits are that are coming with it. You've got a higher bridge on Lineham that's built among the berm and mitigation program and you've got the floodgates going in that's going to protect all of downtown High River."

Snodgrass says with a limited window to build every year, they try to pack in as much as they can at once.


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