The Foothills School Division is addressing the "Momo Challenge."

The "Momo Challenge" is an online hoax with a disturbing image that tells kids to do increasingly dangerous things.

The Divisions Director of Distributed Learning, Doug Stevens, says various internet challenges like the "Momo Challenge" are only as real as we make them.

"The kids weren't being affected by it, it was real in the sense, that it was made real by reposting."

Stevens says if you see online content that is disturbing or offensive to not repost it.

"Snap, block, and share that with a responsible adult. and really what they're talking about is if you see stuff like that to take a snapshot of it on your cellphone, just taking a screen shot, then on the social media tool, block it."

Stevens says its important to keep the discussion open when it comes to social media.

"That door is open and you talk about these issues with your kids when it's not an issue. When they're not having to deal with it. It's much easier to think hypothetically than in a panic when somebody posts something mean about you."

Stevens says everyone's responsible in helping to educate kids on internet saftey, whether it be in school, or at the supper table.


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