Jeannine Tucker, who won two elections to be the trustee for ward one in the Foothills School Division, but was disqualified soon after the last election, is considering running in the byelection for her vacant seat.

A court case in which Tucker challenged her disqualification was dismissed by a judge last spring and her lawyer says that means she could run.

"I am contemplating it," said Tucker. "After the court case I left. I dropped off the planet. I went to Saskatoon for a week and I was home for a little while and then James and I went to Nova Scotia for three weeks in August. At that point if you had asked me if I was going to run, or if I was even thinking about it my answer would have been no."

Tucker adds since getting back she has had lots of encouragement to run again from residents in the community, so she is considering it.

"I have had a flood of people contact me. People see me in the store and they are hoping I will run. Because they already feel like everything is falling apart in my area for instance having a portable delivered on the first day of school. Whose dumb idea was that?"

Tucker adds there is one thing that might stop her.

"I am contemplating it. If I knew there was somebody that I thought was fabulous that was going to run who had a good chance of actually winning I probably wouldn't run."

The deadline to file nomination papers is Sept. 24th with the election being held on October 22nd.

Ward one includes Black Diamond, Turner Valley and Longview.


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