The Write a Letter, Win a House contest has posed a few problems for Alla Wagner, the Millarville woman who put her million-dollar home forth as the winning prize.

Wagner says she's a little behind in her goal for reading submissions, as others in the internet community try to capitalize on the unique contest.

"Some things are becoming very difficult to deal with. I spent an entire day with Facebook fake accounts that have been created, somebody impersonating me with Google, has created a Gmail address and asking people to send money. Innocent people that are just making comments. I've called the RCMP, and I've disturbed everybody and everything," she said.

Mitigating the fraud has put Wagner behind in reading submissions, but she says she will continue to push forward with the contest.

Wagner says she's been working hard with three assistants everyday to manage the entries and payments, only to spend hours on January 31st speaking with RCMP and running interference on Google and Facebook accounts.

"We're working super hard, and then a bomb falls on my head. people are creating fake Alla Wagner accounts, and going to the commenters and other people. I don't want even one person to become a victim of that. This person, identity thief, goes and tells them, just send me money. Four hundred and some dollars to Italy," she said.

Wagner adds the house has been taken off the market, but she is still exploring real estate options to ensure she can downsize, even of the contest is not successful. She says she receives approximately 1000 letters per day, with a total of 4211 unread as of January 31st.

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