As the summer months approach, so do extreme temperatures and the Government of Alberta wants to ensure workers and citizens are educated on precautions to take to avoid heat stroke.

Those who work or enjoy activities outdoors are advised to know the early signs of heat stress, which can lead to the life-threatening illness of heat stroke.

Minister of Labour, Christina Gray, says the Alberta Government wants to ensure Albertans who work outdoors are well informed and return home happy and healthy to enjoy the weather with their families.

Heat stroke can result in hospital visits, and in severe cases, death, if early warning signs of heat stress are not detected and treated immediately.

Signs include headache, dizziness, fatigue, heavy sweating, muscle cramps and changes to breathing or pulse rate. When detected, it is advised to drink cool water to combat dehydration, get out of direct sunlight immediately and reduce or cease any physical activity. These symptoms can lead to heat stroke and require immediate medical attention.

The Government of Alberta also advises those who work outdoors to try and schedule physically demanding jobs for cooler times of the day.


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