High River Town Council's been very busy over the last couple of meetings revamping and renewing their bylaws.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says a lot of their bylaws are really old and out of date and need to be brought up to modern standards.

He says the updates also give the bylaws teeth, which will help their new crew of bylaw officers.

"Because of our new agreement with Protective Services with the M.D. of Foothills, and now that we have CPO One's, that can do traffic enforcement and all these kinds of things and provide provincial tickets in some of this traffic enforcement, that we need to update our bylaws to reflect that."

Snodgrass says judging by the amount of speeding he's seeing around Town bylaw changes can't come soon enough.

"We do have a lot of speed problems in High River and personally I think we should probably look at reducing the overall speed limit in High River. You take a road like High Country Drive or 12th Avenue's a great one. If you build them and they look like you can do 80 km/h, people are going to do 90 km/h"

Snodgrass says he and council are also discussing reducing speed limits around Town to 40 km/h, similar to what's already been done in Okotoks and other Foothills Towns.


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