With cannabis now legal coast to coast, many are worried about how police across the country will stop people from driving high.

High River RCMP Staff Sergeant Robin Alexander says he's not expecting an explosion of high drivers.

"From my experience, those that are driving high now, will drive high when it's (marijuana) legal. And those that haven't won't. You know, certainly there'll be a period where I think there's people experimenting a little bit. But I don't think it's going to amount to a whole bunch on our end."

Alexander says his officers are well trained in detecting the signs of impairment, either through drugs or alcohol and he says if there's the slightest concern, they'll issue a 24 hour suspension.

"And we do and we have. If we feel someone's unsafe to drive, we can do that every time. And often times we do."

He says the bottom line is getting those people, no matter how they got impaired, off the road.


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