The Federal Government's removal of tax exemptions for elected officials has forced High River Town Council to adjust how they get paid.

In the past, one-third of the money going to Mayors and Councillors was tax free, but that's not the case anymore.

So to keep salaries the same, Council had to give themselves a bump.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says neither he or Council are making any more or less money than they were before.

"That's all that this was, was to bump up the top salary numbers so that your bottom line number didn't change and you were still being paid fairly."

Snodgrass says Council works very hard and he says not one member deserves 10-cents less than they make now, which was one of the biggest reasons for the move.

Snodgrass is very quick to point out, they didn't vote themselves a raise, but in fact it's a move to keep the status quo.

"It is not a raise! It's not a raise, it's a raise for the Federal Government for the tax. That's who's getting the extra money. It's just going straight to the Federal Government."

In the end being Mayor pays just under $60,900 a year, while Councillors make $29,850 per year.


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