The story of a lost tortoise made its way into southern Albertan's hearts earlier this week when the tortoise's owner, Jody Jordan, made an emotional plea on Facebook to bring Khoopa home. 

The adventurous Sulcata Tortoise somehow went missing from it's Norris Coulee home on Saturday after his pet-sitter lost sight of him. 

After almost 6 days of searching by foot, drone and sniffer dog, Khoopa mysteriously showed up on the Jordan's property north-east of Okotoks. 

A volunteer helping the Jordan's search for Khoopa, says she's just happy he's home.

"Everyone was out looking for Khoopa all afternoon. It was so hot that I decided to come back and get some water, and I thought I would just go back and check the places we had already checked a few days ago. I saw a pile of feces that didn't look like it belonged to any of the other animals and it wasn't there when I checked first, so I followed it and sure enough, Khoopa was just sitting in the grass and eating like crazy." 

She then called Jody and her husband, Jim, to give them the good news, Jody raced home and was re-united with Khoopa. 

"Tortoise's usually leave a trail wherever they go, pushing grass down and leaving footprints, however in this case when Khoopa left, there was zero sign of him walking off the property and zero sign of him walking on the property when he returned. To us it feels like a theft situation, but we can't be sure because we don't know the facts." Jordan said about finding Khoopa. 

Khoopa has been on the journey of a lifetime and Jody Jordan says he now gets to relax at home with the whole family.

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